Graduate Tracer Form

Warm greetings from your Alma Mater! The study intends to assess the academic experience of ISU-Cauayan graduates and its effects on the graduate's employability. This is useful for the Deans and other University officials in evaluating the existing programs and improving the existing curriculum and our services. ISU-Cauayan is appealing to all graduates/alumni to provide the information requested in the interest of educational development.

Instruction: Please answer the questions in the space provided below and/or next to each question. Click on the appropriate box to indicate your choice, where required.

Confidentiality: All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used for the purpose of the study only. Names of graduates/alumni will not appear in the reports.

Last Name: First Name: Middle Name:
Complete Address [Street, City, Province, Country]
Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy): Civil Status: Gender:
Contact Number: Email Address:
Degree(s) & Specialization: Year Graduated: Honor or Award Received:
Professional Examination Passed:
Date Taken:
Other Examination Passed and Skill Certification:
How long were you able to get a job after graduation?

Current Job Title

Monthly Income: State Currency

< 10,000     10,001-20,000     20,001-30,000     30,001-40,000
40,001-50,000     > 50,000     n/a

Current Job Level

Type of Employment

Company Address[Street, City, Province, Country]
Industry/Category of Present Job: Others (Specify):
(5-Excellent; 4-Very Good; 3-Good; 2-Fair; 1-Poor;)
1. To what extent did your ISU-Cauayan degree provide you with proper preparation for your current job (e.g, hands-on)?

2. To what extent did your ISU-Cauayan degree enhance your public relations?

3. To what extent did your ISU-Cauayan degree prepare you for the current job?

4. To what extent did your ISU-Cauayan degree prepare you for other jobs?

5. To what extent did your ISU-Cauayan degree prepare you for further educational goals (graduate studies)?

1. To what extent where you given assistance for OJT/practicum?

2. To what extent where you given assistance for job placement?

3. To what extent where you given assistance for board examination review? (answer if applicable only)

4. How long were the records (diploma, TOR, TCG etc) needed for employment provided for you?

5. What other alumni services would you like ISU-Cauayan to provide?

(Rate the extent by which ISU-Cauayan helped you developed the following)
  H-High;     M-Medium;     L-Low;
1. Specific course knowledge

2. Business knowledge

3. Local/International issues

4. Ethical issues

5. General knowledge

1. Analytical skills

2. Goal setting skills

3. Time management skills

4. Writing skills

5. Oral communication skills

6. Computer application skills

7. Problem solving skills

8. Leadership skills

9. Social skills

10. Decision making skills

11. Human relation skills

1. If you would go back to your freshman year, would you still enroll at ISU-Cauayan?
     Yes No  
2. Would you recommend ISU-Cauayan to your family, friends, relatives?
     Yes No  
Are there any other comments that you would like to make about your education at ISU-Cauayan and/or how it relate to your work experience?